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General Chemistry 2- Part 1 ders notu

General Chemistry 2- Part 1

General Chemistry 2- Part 1 - İçindekiler: general chemistry 2 ders notu part 1, thermochemistry, system, energy, work, potential energy, kinetic energy, calorie, heat capacity, law of conservation of energy, calorimeters, heat of reaction, work, examples, the first law thermodynamics, state function, constant volume processes, enthalpy, standart states and standart enthalpy changes, Hess's law, atandart enthalpies of formation, standard enthalpies of a rxn, thermodynamics, spontameous process, reversible process, phase transitions, Tronton's rule, absolute entropies, second law of thermodynamics, Gibbs free energy, third law of thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, rate law, zero-order, first order rxn, half-life, second order rxn, initial rate of rxn, examples, collision theory, kinetic-moleculer theory, activation energy, Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution curves, orientation of molecules, transition state theory, rxn profile, general chemistry 2 ders notu, genel kimya 2 ders notu, (09/04/2020 17:49)

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