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General Chemistry 2- Part 2 ders notu

General Chemistry 2- Part 2

General Chemistry 2- Part 2 - İçindekiler: general chemistry 2 ders notu part 2, effect of temperature on reaction rates, arrhenius equation, reaction mechanismus, examples, steady-state approximation, equilibrium, the equilibrium constant, examples and exercises, magnitude of equilibrium constant, the reaction quatient, le chatellier principle, effect of changing the aumonut of reactng species, effect of changes in pressure and valume, effect of change in temperature, catalyst addition, inert gas, examples, thermodynamics, criteria for spontaneus change, examples, acids and bases, arrhenius theory, bronsted-lowry theory, strong acid, strong acids and bases, weak acids and bases, percent ionization, polyprotic acids, examples, ions as acids and bases, hydrolysis, moleculer structure and acid-base behaviour, oxoacids, strengths of organic acids, structual effects, sttenght of smins as bases, lewis theory, general chemistry 2 ders notu, genel kimya 2 ders notu, (09/04/2020 17:03)

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